Carsparefinder helps to locate and get cheaper prices for Wiper Motor which can be supplied by Skoda vehicle breaker yards, checked and guaranteed and significantly cheaper than buying new from a dealership. By linking up with car dismantlers nationwide, you can locate the "Skoda Octavia Wiper Motor" that is right for your vehicle and have it delivered to your home or work. Your own personal results screen showing Skoda Wiper Motor quotes and information on out of stock information updated as suppliers respond. This is a great way to get genuine parts. Up to 80% savings on Skoda Octavia Wiper Motor and more from breaker yards and motor spare suppliers can be achieved.

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  • 09.03am: Tdi WIPER MOTOR (FRONT) 1896. For year 2009 : Ref. 1349411
  • 07.28pm: tdi WIPER MOTOR (FRONT) 1997. For year 2008 : Ref. 1345779
  • 11.29pm: tdi WIPER MOTOR (REAR) 19l. For year 2007 : Ref. 1239073
  • 01.33pm: FSI WIPER MOTOR (REAR) 1600. For year 2006 I would also like the screw to fix the hachback lid handle on: Ref. 1282692
  • 07.08pm: tdi WIPER MOTOR (REAR) 1900. For year 2005 : Ref. 1120918
  • 06.36pm: elegance WIPER MOTOR (REAR) 1900. For year 2003 : Ref. 1184576
  • 12.44pm: WIPER MOTOR (REAR) 1900. For year 2002 : Ref. 1372737
  • 03.42pm: WIPER MOTOR (FRONT) . For year 2001 : Ref. 1128537

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    Typical Requests
  • 09.07pm: 1U4 WIPER MOTOR (FRONT) 1900. For year 2000
  • 09.35pm: SLXi WIPER MOTOR (FRONT) 1984. For year 1999
  • 04.59am: glx WIPER MOTOR (FRONT) 1600. For year 1998
  • 08.19am: tdi WIPER MOTOR (REAR) 1900. For year 1988